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Why Solar Films are for you:

  • You’ll be able to enjoy natural sunlight without having to squint from the large amounts of glare. This translates to easy TV or computer screen viewing.
  • Your furniture, floorings and curtains will last much longer without fading from UV exposure.
  • Your windows will block much of the heat from the sun, so you’ll save money on cooling costs and your space will feel more comfortable year round.

Help keep your energy bills down with solar film:

Having window film applied to your windows, you can outsmart the summer heat using energy saving window films designed for our climate and your home.

Without high performing solar window film, you could find yourself sweltering inside during hot or warm seasons at times when cooing is required, given that 30% of energy used to cool homes goes right out the window.

Protection from Harmful Ultra Violet Radiation:

With up to 99% reduction in UV radiation, window tint for homes keeps you safer from prolonged exposure.

Reduce Heat & Glare

Window tint makes it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round using less energy, meaning you save on your energy bill.

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