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Revolutionary Energy Saving  Low-E Film Range

Energy Efficient films that outperform double glazing at a fraction of the cost.

Outsmart the summer heat and keep out the winter cold with our extensive range of energy saving low-e window film, designed for your climate or home. Minimise

Unlike standard solar window films, which only produce savings during hot or warm seasons when cooling is required, Low-E films are designed to work all-seasons, producing savings in both cooling and heating seasons all year round.

30% of energy used to cool homes goes out the window – Low-E films help to minimise energy wastage and keep your energy bills down.

They offer high insulation properties to your windows and are at a fraction of the cost to replace with double glazed windows – not to mention the saving to the environment!


A non-reflective, spectrally selective light amber coloured film, allowing a high level of natural light to filter through all the while offering the benefits of a low-e coating. Applied internally to glass, it deflects solar heat penetration by up to 49% in the summer.

In winter, it reflects the bulk of the heat generated in a room that would normally escape from untreated glass back into the room, whilst allowing the ‘winter’ sun to enter in cooler periods, reducing energy usage and saving money.

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